health recovery center update

Craziness, I haven’t blogged for awhile.
Last week, fluconazole, the anti-candida drug, really made me feel awful for a few days. That was the sign it was working. I had muscle aches, headache, dizziness, nausea, feeling as if my body were weighted down, and exhausted. There were a few times where I had to keep telling myself to walk straight when crossing streets, and I spent awhile figuring which street I was on and where the building was.
One evening, I skipped lectures and groups. I had to walk around the apartment twice before I could find the room where I am sleeping. I sat on the floor choking down cucumbers and cashews, so I could take my with meal supplements. I don’t want to think how I would feel if I weren’t taking 12 probiotic capsules per day!
I finished the last dose of fluconazole Tuesday, and I feel much better. I’ve been able to concentrate much better when listening to lectures, watching videos, and reading.
I am slightly hypothyroid. I am taking one ioderol tablet before breakfast as well as two tyrosine before breakfast and two before lunch. They said the tyrosine should also help with my apathy and lack of motivation, so I’m hopeful.
My heavy metal urine test came back normal!!! Only my copper is 0.25 points higher than it should be, so my biochemical counselor told me to find a multi vit/mineral that doesn’t have any copper. She added one querella tablet at bedtime. Finally, they added two tablets of a different form of b6 since I am so pyroluric.
Wednesday was awesome! Molly, my biochemical counselor, brought in lunch for everyone from the wedge coop. We had two kinds of hummus, pesto, almond butter, and cashew butter. There was chicken curry salad, some other kind of chicken salad, and tuna and sardines, which I didn’t eat. We had carrots, celery, radishes, tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers. The meat was my favorite part! I ate lots of ham, sausage, beef, turkey, and salami.
I wasn’t supposed to test beef till next week, but I thought it was another kind of sausage. I filled out the five minutes after eating and the 30 minutes after eating chart, and I had no symptoms. I can now add beef back into my diet every four days!
Right now, I am on the second day of my four-day fast. Fasting will clear the body of the rest of the toxins and give me more mental clarity. They said the first day is the hardest, and they were right! I was soooooo hungry all day yesterday. Oh, my adrenal glands are totally shot. Since I’m extremely hypoglycemic, I should have been shaky, sweating, dizzy, headaches, ETC since my before my blood sugar stabilized. I didn’t have any of those symptoms. I kept smelling food yesterday and wanting it. I also spent awhile looking up recipes and brands of food. The cravings were back for a few hours too. I really wanted cheese!
During the fast, I am taking only 35 supplements all day. That was a nice motivator for me to do the fast; with the new pills, I’m at 105 supplements per day. It’s also nice not to think about what am I going to eat! I’m taking one scoop of vitamin c powder in the morning and bedtime, five plant enzyme capsules four times per day,, three digestive capsules in the morning and afternoon, two liver support capsules in the morning and afternoon, two magnesium capsules, and two melatonin capsules at bedtime. I’m slightly hungry, but food isn’t consuming my thoughts like it was yesterday.
After the fast, I am going to test food next week to see how it affects me. I test one food per day at breakfast and fill out the five minutes after and 30 minutes after to look for reactions. At first, I will take my pulse, right down my mood, how my stomach feels before eating. Five and thirty minutes later, I take the pulse again. If it is 20 beats per minute faster than it was before eating, I’m allergic. If there is any nausea, diarrhea, itching, mood swings, sleepiness or exhaustion, ETC, I’m allergic. The delayed reaction can happen any where from 2-72 hours later, so it will be something to watch too. I’m testing eggs, rice, peanut butter, corn, and cheese.
I got my flight info for going to GDB. I leave at 10 am Dec. 25, and I have a nonstop flight to San Francisco! There are just 11 more days till I get my new dog!!!


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