The ninth Assistance Dog Blog Carnival

Here is the ninth edition of the assistance dog blog carnival!!! Thanks to everyone who participated. 🙂 This time, the theme was moments.

Katie from Bipolar Spirit wrote how her psychiatric puppy in training helps calm and ground her in her post Intuitive Service Dog
Patti from Plays with Puppies wrote about watching the birth of leader dog puppies in her post A Moment When Anything is Possible
Karyn from Through a Guide’s Eyes wrote about service dogs who kept her alive in her post Saving a Life or Two
Flo from A Mutt and His Pack wrote about moments with an older service dog and the puppy in training in the post In Transition
L-squared wrote about quiet memorable moments with her guide dogs in her post Moments of Greatness
Sharon from After Gadget wrote about the ways her service dog makes her life easier in her post With a New Service Dog the Moments Are Many, Stark, and Blended
In Freda Writes, there are moments from birth to now 1.5 years later in the post Moments of Epiphany: My First Eighteen Months with a Service Dog
Cyndy from Gentle Wit wrote about moments when her guide dog is working but stationary in her post Quiet Moments
Kathie from Kathie Comments wrote about moments of teamwork in her post Happy   White Cane Safety  Day Celebrated with Yellow Guide Dog
Brooke from Ruled by Paws wrote about saying goodbye to her second dog guide in her post He Said it Was Time


3 thoughts on “The ninth Assistance Dog Blog Carnival

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