days 11-14

Saturday was sad. Someone brought bean salad, so that was breakfast I didn’t have to make. We watched a video where a mom had her kid taken away because she refused to put him on anti-depressants. It also showed parents of children who had committed suicide because of Prozac.

Sunday, my friend made stew with beans, beef, tomatoes, celery, and spices. That is also the day I started to increase my hydrochloric acid tablets. The goal was to increase them till I felt some burning, pain, or other discomfort. When it reaches that point, that means I have enough hcl and can decrease the dose. So, I took three with lunch and four with dinner. Monday morning, I had more stew and took five. OMG, I definitely knew I had too much HCL at five capsules. I had burning, paining, nausea, and stomach issues. I was planning on going to the health food store that morning, but that was not happening. I went into the lecture in the afternoon and the nutrition counselor asked me how I was. I told her I felt fine when I woke up, but then I had too much HCL. She said there was some tablet or baking soda that could neutralize it if I was suffering then, but I said it had stopped a couple hours ago. She also said she forgot to tell me about the stomach issues, and that she had the same problem when she was doing the hcl increase. The good news is that I produce enough hcl naturally, so now, I can take two or three capsules depending on the size of my meal.

Tuesday, I saw a different doctor who prescribed me fluconazole. It’s the only drug I take during this program. It is one of the strongest anti-fungals that will kill a candida infection in 15 days. He says people usually feel die off symptoms (aches, extreme cravings, stomach issues, nausea, increased depression, ETC) for 2-4 days. However, everyone I’ve seen here experiences them for at least a week. Oh the joy. So far, I’m tired, but it’s hard to tell why. My muscles also hurt, and I have random nausea. One moment I’m fine, and the next 10 5 minutes or so, I’m not.

Yesterday, I did the test for heavy metals such as mercury, aluminum, cadmium, lead, ETC in the blood. I had to fast and stop taking all supplements after midnight. I had eggs at 10 pm and last supplements at 11. That was not fun since I am extremely hypoglycemic. I woke up hungry and thirsty, but I could only have 32 ounces of water during the six hours. The nurse gave me five pills to get the toxic metals moving through my body. It was a urine test, so I had to collect it every time I went to the bathroom. By the time the test was done, it was 3:30. I saw the nutritional counselor for a couple minutes and again, I said I was tired. She said since all the heavy metals were moving through my system, I’m having candida die-off, and I’m hypoglycemic and hadn’t eaten for more than 12 hours, that was no surprise. I went to chipotle and got a bowl with beef, beans, salsa, and lettuce. I really wanted tacos with cheese and sour cream, but no corn or dairy till I see my food allergy test results.

I am really having food cravings. I really want cheese! I also really really want cookies. My friend baked dozens of them for Halloween, and they smelled amazing. One of my friends is having her large meal at blind Inc. Friday, and I’ll go and eat some salad. She’s also having chicken alfredo, garlic bread, and sherbet, sad.

Today, I meet with the nutritional counselor for my official appointment of the week. We’re waiting on thyroid results, histamine, elementals, and some other thing. She said the results might not be there yet. They were supposed to come back last week, so who knows.

Sometimes, I feel so overwhelmed by pills. I have a pill tray with seven little boxes. Each box is one day and has four sections. I put pills with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and after food. I also have one box with seven sections that I fill daily with supplements before breakfast, before lunch, before dinner, an hour before bedtime, and a half hour before bedtime. Sunday night, when I was filling for the week, I was like omg I can’t do this. I am ok again now, but it took a couple days. I have 19 days left in this program, so I am almost halfway through!

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