days 3, 4, and 5

I’ve been busy, and there is no wireless at the center.

Thursday was extremely long. The first lecture was about hypoglycemia. There was an experiment where we had a daily menu for someone, and we had to show how many teaspoons of sugar the person ate per day. I think some of it was apple juice, which had 8 teaspoons of sugar, and a sandwich later, which had 6 teaspoons. There were several other foods, so it was a huge bowl of sugar when it was done.

I’m at least a 45-minute bus ride from the center, so there is no point in going home for a half hour just to turn around and go back. My friends who live a few blocks from Health recovery Center, HRC, had class. I had three hours free time between classes, so I read some of Gods in Alabama by Joshilyn Jackson.

That night was a powerpoint lecture about hypoglycemia. Lots of facts and explaining the process, but I don’t remember much since I was exhausted and crashing by that point. My body was definitely detoxing Thursday, and I had stomach issues all day. I was so happy to go home at 8 pm.

Friday, I went grocery shopping and bought tons of vegetables: spinach, lettuce, peppers, artichokes, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, and probably others I can’t remember. I also bought chicken and eggs.

After that, I went to HRC for lecture. This time it was a video about healthy fats. That one was annoying because it had songs with a horrible singer and cheesy music. The point of that one was to cook with olive oil or coconut oil. Another three-hour break spent at the center where I ate sunflower seeds, spinach, and tomatoes. That night, we played jeopardy. The categories were hormones, thyroid, hypoglycemia, sports, and music. The team I was on lost horribly -300 to like 8000 on the other team.

Yesterday, I only had to go in for three hours starting at 10 am. We watched a video about viox, a drug that was supposed to help with inflammation and pain but caused strokes and heart attacks instead. Then we watched funny clips from Chris Rock and Saturday Night Live about the drug industry before we went home.

Yesterday was the first time I took all supplements at the right times. Before that, I was always forgetting one, either the fish oil because it can’t travel since it’s refrigerated, the anti-ox at breakfast, the vitamin c at bedtime, or the magnesium at bed time.

So far, I’m taking

Before all meals

Digestive enzymes: two capsules

Taurine: two capsules

Before breakfast: one scoop of amino acids and one scoop of glutamine

With breakfast:

Antiox: two capsules

Magnesium: three capsules

Omega 3 oil: one tablespoon

Omega six, one capsule

Enzymes to help breakdown gluten and stuff: two capsules

Multi vitamin/mineral: two capsules

Vitamin C: one scoop

After all meals: hydrochloric acid: two capsules

Before lunch:

Aminos: one scoop

With lunch:

Zymes: two capsules

Multi vit/min: two capsules

Omega six: one capsule

Multi vit/mineral: two capsules

Before dinner:

Glutamine: one scoop

With dinner:

Zymes: two capsules

Omega three: One tablespoon

Omega six: one capsule

Multi vit/min: two capsules

Before bedtime:

Vitamin C: one scoop

Anti-ox: two capsules

Chromium: two capsules

Magnesium: three capsules

Tryptophan: two capsules one hour before

Lithium: one capsule

Melatonin: one capsule half hour before

Also, yesterday was the first day without stomach issues, so I was happy. Finally, I resisted eating the chocolate cake, cheese, and crackers at a party. Anyone who eats with me knows that is hard since I loooooove chocolate and cheese. The money borrowed to get here, the goal of new dog, and better health will keep me eating healthily instead of eating what I want

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