health recovery center and new dog!

I am exhausted. I flew into Minneapolis Yesterday. I got a monthly bus pass, dropped off my stuff with the first friend I’m staying with, and went to dinner. Since I am going sugar free, I had hot fudge lava cake with icecream last night.

This morning, I left here at 8:15. The bus stop is right outside her building, so that is nice. I misheard the stop, so I had to walk two extra blocks. When I got to the center, I met with the doctor and reviewed medical history. After that, I met with the nurse who started me on a five-hour I.V. It has vitamin C, B-complex, magnesium, and a couple other things I can’t remember. This is to start the detoxifying process, and I have one more of those tomorrow. My arm is sore because they took several tubes of blood. The heating pad is my friend.

Later, I met with Dr. Larson, the woman who founded the center. She interviewed me for a couple hours about medical history, life history, mental history, ETC. She explained all the nutrients and why I would be taking them. I have 17 so far at different times for the day. I need to clarify with someone tomorrow because a couple of the columns didn’t scan properly. I also need to ask someone about my schedule because it is not laid out well for scanning.

In other news, I have been accepted at the San Rafel campus of GDB for training Nov. 25. I’m soooooooooo excited, and I can’t wait to have this new dog. I know I will definitely feel safer traveling with him/her. Now, I’m taking my melotonin, tryptophan, an chromium and going to bed.

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