call for submissions for the ninth assistance dog blog carnival

It’s my turn to host the ninth edition of
This is a quarterly event where people write about a theme related to guide, hearing, mobility, or other assistance dogs.
This time the theme is moments. Some ideas to get you started are:
  • The moment when your puppy or dog learned a task
  • The moment you and your dog felt like a team for the first time
  • Last moments working with or being with your dog
  • Favorite moments, funny moments, embarrassing moments, ETC
You don’t have to have an assistance dog to participate. You can be a puppy raiser or have some other relationship to assistance dogs.
To participate, you can leave a comment with the following information:
  1. Name of your blog: E.G. Believe in Who You Are
  2. The title of your post: E.G. My Favorite Moments
If you can’t or don’t want to comment, you can also email me mch26485 at huskies dot bloomu dot edu or tweet @latinanewschic if you want to post. If you could please link to this post when you are writing your entries, that would be helpful.
Deadline for submissions is October 31.

15 thoughts on “call for submissions for the ninth assistance dog blog carnival

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